Anyone who has helped me move over the years might recognize these…. #secretunicornbomb

Do you want the good news or less good news first? Good news? The BEST NEWS… had the mid-cycle MRI today and the both the tumour and lymph nodes have shrunk significantly! 45% for the tumour, 65% for the nodes! My GPO (GP – Oncology) says this is the best case scenario. The smaller the tumour and nodes once chemo is over, the less invasive the surgery, the faster the recovery time. This has me daydreaming about mountaineering objectives for the fall and winter….. Can I get a HELLZ YAH from everyone?!?!

MRIs are hard work for my brain to keep myself from freaking out in that tube. This was my view from the waiting room while I was repeating my usual mantra (think om mani padme hum in deep Tibetan monks chanting)

This cycle has been the hardest, mostly because I haven’t been able to fully get over the fatigue. Makes sense, my red blood cell count is dropping with each cycle. Thankfully the meds and supplements are keeping my immune system in good shape, and neutrophils remain above pre-chemo levels. Am mostly keeping the bone-aches at bay with Tylenol but that combined with the fatigue is not making me super keen to do long hikes these days.

BUT…..appetite is still good, no mouth sores, still loving the amazing food that friends continue to provide for us, but what I really want to know is WHY DOESN’T FAIRWAY STILL HAVE GINGER BEEF AT 1800 WHEN I’M CRAVING IT?!?!

Rory seems to be more cuddly and sticks to my side more than usual (if that’s possible) when I’m low energy, or maybe I’m just more aware of it (remember the observational bias?) Those of you who are familiar with him know that he’s a keen crotch/butt sniffer – well that’s in full swing with him these days! I’ve read about dogs being able to detect various cancers, but so curious to know how different I smell with the chemo drugs and various supplements in my system. Someone should do a PhD on that (hey Janna? haha)

I’m feeling apprehensive about this next chemo cycle (Wed) because I’m switching meds for the next four rounds and I don’t feel 100% going into it like I have with the other ones. Potential side effects for this next drug are similar to the last two (fatigue, mouth sores, hair loss), but take away nausea and add in neuropathy in my hands and feet. Like with the first cycle there’s the unknown to deal with….how will my body react, what will I be able to do, what supports will I need. One can only watch so many videos/movies/TV shows and can only knit so many things (actually that last one isn’t true, am still knitting at a furious pace these days). Andy and I have been talking about what things we can do to keep my spirits up especially with the first signs of spring popping up around here, simple picnics, getting the canoe out for a paddle, more walks in the forest.

Being tired sucks.